tummy exercises

Tighten your tummy

Tummy exercises can be divided into upper tummy and lower tummy crunches..

• Lie on your back flat on the floor.
• Put your hands behind your head
• Ever so slowly lift your butt off the floor by pulling your knees in toward your chest
• Curl your knees up as far as you can. Reverse the process and slowly return to the starting position.

Note: Women with longer lets may find this easier to do. If that's you and as a true abs workout queen you want to get the most out of this routine, do the reverse crunch on an incline bench as a way to increase the resistance.

Next lower ab workout would be leg lifts• Still on your back extend your hands under your hips.
• With your legs together slowly lift them, bending at the knee slightly
• Once they're 12 inches off the floor, stop lifting and hold.
Here's the kicker - using just the lower abs raise them another 6 inches. • Slowly lower back down.
These are two exercises that focus on developing the lower abs

Next you'd want to work the obliques. Do that with side crunches.
• Still on your back put your knees together.
• "Flop" your legs then to your left onto the floor.
• Then side crunch up to the right with your hands on the side of your head.
• Keep your head and the upper part of your body aimed at the ceiling.
• Hold it. Relax.Once you've done your reps on one side flip over and do the other.

That's how to tone your love handles.

Finally the ab workout you know and love, standard crunches.

Still on your back, with your knees bent and your hands touching your head - raise your shoulder blades off the floor. Hold it in the raised position while squeezing your abs. Slowly lower and repeat.

Can't say for sure if these free abdominal workouts would be considered ab workouts for a six pack or not. Can't say for sure if you are even shooting for that. Regardless these should help shape tone, and whittle your middle in time to make a big splash at the beach.
Even if you follow this routine daily for about ten minutes, within no time you will have a well-toned stomach; one that will be the center of envy for many.

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